A church is being born in Iran and the Middle East.
Millions of Muslims are coming to Christ.


God has placed us on the front lines through the modern miracle of satellite TV programming which is the major vehicle God is using to set these people free.

Right now, the young church in Iran (Kamran’s birthplace) is blowing up and growing faster than any other (Operation World statistics).

Kamran came to know the love of the Father through several encounters with the person of Jesus Christ. Now he is a leading force in the salvation of his people through satellite programming. His show, “Lessons in Love” or “Darse Eshgh,” Is quickly becoming a favorite of the Iranian youth and Persian culture.  

Suzy has traveled the world encouraging creative worshipers to be who God made them to be in their creative and unique giftings. Her shows, “Lessons in Worship” or “Darse Parastesh,” are releasing the power of God in worship and raising up leaders in the underground churches in the spirit of true worship through the sound indigenous to their land.

Currently we are bringing in some of God’s best teachers to do seasons of shows that will bring much needed healing and encouragement including topics such as the heart of the Father, hearing God’s voice, dream interpretation, and more. Many Muslims have spiritual dreams where Jesus and angels appear to them! These shows will change their lives and help them to understand and grow in the love of the one true God.

These cutting edge shows are not only reaching millions of unsaved Muslims in their homes but are helping to shape and equip the fastest growing young church in the world.

Shape the sound

We are currently working on a docu-series called “Shape the Sound of a Spiritual Revolution.” This will be a reality show series showing the process of bringing the power of Holy Spirit into original worship songs with the indigenous sound of Iran and the Middle East. Check out the video below.


East Meets West was a worship concert benefit night organised to support Shape the Sound, early this summer in Winston Salem. It was a great success! So a big thank you to everyone to came and supported us at the event, all the backstage hands, and our beloved communities across the globe who partner with us every day. Check out some of the pictures in our gallery below.