Iranian Satellite

A tender young church is being born in Iran.
Millions of Muslims are coming to Christ. literally.


God has given us the gift of being involved in the greatest Middle Eastern harvest in history.

We want to share that gift with you.

Right now, the young church in Iran (Kamran’s birthplace) is blowing up and growing faster than any other (Operation World statistics). In 1950 there were 300,000 Christians in Iran. To date there are 4-7 million. It is impossible to know exact numbers.

The modern miracle of satellite TV programming is the major vehicle God is using to set these people free.

Kamran came to know the love of the God through several encounters with the person of Jesus Christ. Now he is leading his people to the love of the Father through satellite programming. His first series of shows, “Lessons in Love” or ‘Darshe Esghe’ is still a favorite of the Iranian youth and Persian culture.

The relevant satellite TV program station we work with is Network 7 (Shabakheh Haft) out of Dallas, Tx, (also the place of Suzy’s birth), with Dr. Hormoz Shariat. We are honored and extremely grateful that we get to be a part of this timely and beautiful work with Hormoz and his team.

New Shows: 2019

  • Conversations (“Goftogo”): encouraging interviews with Christian leaders

  • Devotional Boutique (“Boutiqueh Rohani”): Short, poignant powerful messages, also available in English on our YouTube channel.

  • Bringing in the Friends: Additional pivotal teaching series with congruent friends who are compelling speakers steering these young Christians to the heart of God as well as capturing the attention of Muslim viewers.

Suzy has traveled the world encouraging creative worshipers to be who God made them to be in their creative and unique giftings. Her show, “Lessons in Worship” or “Darse Parastesh,” was a great encouragement to the underground church and worship leaders. Her episodes, “The Voice of the Father” or “Sedaye Pedar,” introduced Muslims and new believers to hearing God’s voice and training them in the integrity of discerning what He is speaking for their lives.

These cutting edge shows are repeated many times and are not only reaching millions of unsaved Muslims in their homes but are helping to shape and equip the fastest growing young church in the world.


We are looking for like-minded, passionate people to partner with us on this journey.

We are available for personal Skypes to meet with you if you are interested.