East Meets West

From Suzy:

East Meets West is an epic music project that started with a big heart to encourage and lift up the hearts of the young Iranian church. It wasn’t exactly epic when I started this vision. It became totally epic when Kamran and I met our friends Luke Skaggs and Stephen Roach at a burger bar and asked them to join us on this journey. They were in and we put together an amazing team of pure hearted, passionate musicians and sound technicians. The best of the best - with friendship as the key. We spent a year writing the songs and in the fall of 2018 we filmed and recorded 7 days of songs, interviews and encouraging blessings that will rock Iran and the Middle East in ways never, ever, seen or done.

Now, in 2019, we are moving forward to edit this footage into music formats, 8 music videos, 1 two hour documentary, as well as eight 30 minute episodes for a docu-series called, “Ganj Nameh,” or “Treasure Letters.”

  • The videos will feature the music written, arranged and performed by our team of incredible poets and musicians including Luke Skaggs, Stephen Roach, Mohammad Gholami, Kamran and Suzy, Don Potter, Cassie Campbell, Michael Pritchard and William Johnson. After our first 2 concerts, we were blown away by the response at this beautiful, fresh new sound combining Middle Eastern rhythms and chord changes and using the instruments intrinsic to this culture! With poetry sung in Farsi and English we created a moving sound that captures the hearts of everyone who hears it… East and West.

  • The documentary, “East Meets West,” will be the unfolding stories of all the songs and the creative process we walked through together to bring this dream to reality. You will experience a group of Jesus loving, honoring friends who took time out of their beautiful busy lives to use their excellent gifts of music and creativity to honor and encourage a culture of people that have been stripped of all freedom and dignity.

  • The “Ganj Nameh” or “Treasure Letter” series will include 8 episodes, each one featuring a song, the story of the song, interviews, blessings over the nation and a letter to the Iranian people drawing our their creative and historical destinies that have been stripped from them. The land of Iran sits on a gold mine of unburied archaeological finds and treasure hunters are popular as well as illegal. Kamran’s own grandfather was a well known treasure hunter! This idea of a treasure letter will grab the attention of the nation and we will uncover the true treasure of the heart of who they are. We will continue to raise funds for this project for the editing and air time for the satellite programming. We would be honored if you would join us on this journey Click here to give, and check out the videos below.