The Heart is Calling to Be Seen

One day  I heard the voice of the Lord in my heart,

"Kamran, I don’t just live in your heart, I AM your heart."

See, many of us as Christians have been wanting to see Christ.

The truth is we can see Him and find Him in our hearts and the hearts of others.

When you look at people,

let’s not look just at the outward appearance or what they do or say.

Go deep, look into their hearts.

When you talk to them, try to bypass them and talk to their heart.

Pass their faces and go straight to the heart.

Then you will find and see Jesus.

Look at their heart as you talk to them. You can find Christ in hearts.


Start talking to the heart.

The heart is calling you.

Is there anyone out there to answer the call of the heart?


When you talk to the hearts of people, you are talking to Jesus.

When we talk to our own hearts, we are talking to Jesus.

Jesus wants to talk to us—let’s talk to Him.

He wants to be touched—let us touch hearts.

I was walking on a street of Manhattan, New York one day.

All of a sudden I saw Jesus in every single person.

I could see Him with my eyes open.

Now I understand what I saw. I saw people’s hearts.

In their hearts I saw Jesus.

Not that He was welcomed in every single person’s heart,

but He revealed Himself to me through their hearts.

He doesn’t have to abide in someone’s heart in order to come out of his or her heart.

He can come out of someone’s heart just through a small act of love.

Because he lives in everyone’s heart whether they have acknowledged Him or not.

For he made everything and everyone on this planet.

We normally have our opinion about where Jesus should hang out.

It might offend us to see Him walking out of some unsaved person’s heart.

Pharisees had an opinion about when and how to heal the sick

and where Jesus should or shouldn’t hang out.

They were so offended by Him hanging out with sinners.

Pharisees were waiting for their super Messiah and God came out of a manger

—that was offensive.

Now the idea of Jesus showing Himself to us

through different people of the world might offend us also.

But the truth is, He is God,

and normally He shows Himself in places that we least expect Him to be.

Prayer of Mother Teresa:

“Grant that, even if You are hidden under the unattractive disguise of anger,

of crime, or of madness, I may recognize You and say,

‘Jesus, You who suffer, how sweet it is to serve You’”

(In the Heart of the World, P 105).

Another time the Lord told me,

“I don’t want you just lead people to Me,

I want you to lead people’s hearts to Me.”

Now the question is:

How can I lead people’s hearts to Jesus if I don’t learn to see their hearts first?

How can we lead people anywhere unless we see them first?

We have to be able to see someone first in order to lead them somewhere.

I believe serving people’s hearts is to serve Jesus.

Even serving the heart of a criminal is serving Jesus.

Let us serve HEARTS.

Let us learn to see people’s hearts.

Let us pay attention to every single person’s heart that God put in our lives.

It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad, nice or mean, beautiful or ugly.

Let us serve Christ by serving hearts.

Heart servants of the world,

The call is out-

Who wants to answer?

Help us, Jesus, to see the heart of the ones we want to lead to You.

Kamran Yaraei