Kamran and Suzy Yaraei met and married in 2004 in a whirlwind of God's love and timing! They live in North Carolina in a quaint cabin in the woods, a perfect place for resting and basing their ministry in between traveling. They are in love with God, each other, their dogs and their community of friends… and they like to spread this love everywhere they go. Sharing food is a big deal too.

Together they have seen God's presence at their meetings move in fresh and beautiful ways releasing all around healing- physically, spiritually and emotionally. They speak in an open conversational style imparting  a hunger for up-close and personal relationship with the person of Jesus as well as life style of vulnerable and true worship.

They have the great honor of ministering to millions of Muslim as well as the fastest growing church in the world—The Iranian Youth! Their satellite shows taped at Network 7 through Iran Alive out of Dallas, TX are leading thousands to the Lord monthly and helping to shape the underground church. You can read more here. You can be a part of this incredible timely opportunity by clicking here.

To help them in Shaping the Sound of a Spiritual Revolution  upcoming documentary/Middle East music videos with Stephen Roach, Luke Skaggs and please click here.

They also have the honor of leading their community with their fabulous friends through Chocolate ChurchSpontaneous Tribe/retreats and Kids With Voices.



Kamran is a former Shiite Muslim from Iran who came to America through a series of truly miraculous events. He is a heart-melter who speaks from his own heart connection with God, intertwining his conversion testimony from a Shiite Muslim to a lover of Jesus! His message is critically important in helping the church understand the times in which we live. His message is also a magnet for the lost and broken to know this great love.

His first book, Food for the Heart, is fast becoming a classic devotional favorite with 111 life-changing message bites full of hope, faith building meditations, depth, character, and passion. Purchase Food for the Heart, available as paperback and Kindle. His new vlog, Devotional Boutique, are a must for anyone who wants to be encouraged in walking on this earth with faith and to delve into the mysteries of our God.

Kamran has also just completed his first on-line teaching course, A Heart For Muslims. This 7 step video series will give your heart a fresh jump start on relating to other people groups with an open mind. Includes great tools for reaching out to Muslims and  more! You can register here.

“A few of my favorite things: walking with God through the hills and forests where I live, cooking for anyone and everyone, more cooking, grocery shopping, excellence, fine shoes, poetry, hugging my dogs, watching movies with Suzy, audio books, and above all- bringing deep meaningful messages to my family, friends, and beyond from my heart-walk with God.”



Suzy is a fun loving, adventurer who is so grateful for the gift of writing songs, poems, books, and anything she can shape with words. She has been a major influential worship leader across the globe and to some of our favorites including Kim Walker-Smith, Misty Edwards, Brian and Jen Johnson, Josh Baldwin, John Mark and Sarah McMillan, Jonathan and Melissa Helsor and many more. She also helped to pioneered the Bethel School of Worship with Don Potter in 1997.

As a speaker, teacher and big, big hearted encourager, Suzy has helped countless people throughout the world into the freedom of creative expression for a lifestyle of worship while discovering the wonders of who they are in Christ. Her CDs are full of powerful and moving original songs she has written with her awesomely gifted musician friends.  

In worship consulting, schools, conferences, and meetings worldwide, she releases and encourages creatives, (which includes all people), to find their way into the heart of true and spontaneous worship for their communities and beyond. Before this exciting call on her life, she sang professionally with Reba McEntire, Wynonna Judd, and several other successful recording artists out of Nashville, TN.

Her first book, War and Paradise, is a fantastic inspirational journey that will lift you up and fill you with faith, hope, courage, and passion for your life and the lives of others. Purchase War and Paradise, available as paperback, Audible or Kindle.

“A few of my favorite things: Holy trinity, SINGING (worship and jazz), teaching voice, biking on my electric bike up and down the relentless hills where I live- ha, brushing my dogs, listening to Kam, words, collage art/journaling, hospitality, creative juicing, scuba and adventure with an element of danger, laughing with girl friends, overalls, flowers, flowers and more flowers and above all finding the hidden treasure in people I meet and polishing these gems to shine!!!”


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