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If you were knocking on our front door right now, we would swing it wide open, hug you, and sweep you into our home. We would make a fabulous meal for you with the best fresh ingredients while you sat on our kitchen stool with a mug of craft coffee. We would tell you our stories and listen to yours. We would play music and dance in the lounge. We would bless, bless, bless you with laughter, love and encouragement. We might even write you a poem.

Then we would take you for a walk in our magical forest with our giant, gentle dogs surrounded by a symphony of bird songs. Or maybe for a ride on the 4-wheeler through the fruit orchard, with the wire yellow man sitting on the lawn and the scent of peonies and roses in the air.

Our hearts are wide open for everything we do and everyone we meet… just like our front door. So our desire and prayer is that you feel the hospitality of God’s heart throughout our ministry and our lives. 

We're so excited to have you on our site, we put together a video just for you!

Middle East - satellite tv programs & Worship Docu-series

spontaneous tribe -We are building a tribe of on fire, sold out, free spirited, gifted, hungry worshippers.

A Heart for Muslims Free online video course



We post a lot of new content regularly on our YouTube channel. You can watch Suzy's spontaneous worship feed, Kamran's devotionals, our work in the Middle East, and more.


We love words! Poetry and stories and the beautiful sounds and rhythms of words. We hope you enjoy some of our writing.


If you're looking for our books and music, you'll find them at our store. Email us if you can't find what you're looking for.


Knowing & Showing God’s Heart

Everything we do at KS Ministry is about knowing God & showing His face and His goodness to the world.


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If you would like to partner with us, we would be so honored.


What We Do

Check out the main menu for a detailed account of what we're doing in the Middle East, in worship and in our local community.

meanwhile, here's a quick look at some highlights.


Shape the Sound


We are currently working on a docu-series called “Shape the Sound of a Spiritual Revolution.” This will be a reality show series showing the process of bringing the power of Holy Spirit into original worship songs with the indigenous sound of Iran and the Middle East.

Check out the video below.


 “The only one who can convince people of the value of the treasure we carry is Holy Spirit.”

- Suzy Yaraei